Annual Hunter Trials

Annual Hunter Trials

The Camargo Hunter Trials, one of the oldest competitions in North America, features horse riding and jumping competitions that test a horse’s stamina on a “hunt field” type of terrain.

Saturday October 5, 2024

Gates open 8 A.M
Competition begins 10 A.M

Clippinger Field
Indian Hill . Cincinnati


Black and white photo of the Camargo Trials from long ago (undated), in which a horse helps himself to a sandwich at tea time.

The first Camargo Hunter Trials was held in the early 1940’s. The Hunter Trials was originally created to test the stamina, level headedness, and bravery of hunt horses and riders in an equestrian event that simulates the terrain and conditions found in the typical hunt field. Awards were given for the horse/rider combination that surpassed all others in the field.

Over the years, the day has changed to include other hunt functions such as a ‘Bring to Share’ Tailgate Competition and our Parade of Hounds.

To attract junior riders, the Small Ring competition was added to encourage young riders to participate. The addition of the VIP Tent allowed attendees who want to simply enjoy the day a place to watch the show, eat and drink. 

In the trophy tent, vibrant blue, red, yellow, white and pink ribbons are displayed  next to the softly patina-ed perpetual trophies, many dating back to the early days of the Hunter Trials. These are the “prizes” for the winners

Main Events

Small Ring Competition

The “small” ring allows young and new riders and horses to experience the thrills of the glorious outdoor venue while jumping more traditional ‘hunter’ type jumps. Classes range from cross rails and walk/trot to multiple 2 foot classes.. The ring starts at 8am and goes until approximately 10am. The Hunter Trials is sanctioned by both the OHJA and KHJA.

Outside Ring Competition

The ‘Outside Course’ simulates the terrain and conditions found in the typical hunt field. Horse and riders jump logs, coops, stone walls, and post and rail fences. There is even a class where riders have to open and close a gate while mounted as well as dismount and remount in the field. 

The Outside Course starts at 10am with the ‘In Hand’ class where very young horses are judged (without a rider) on conformity, correctness, soundness, and other standards. This is followed by the Side Saddle classes where riders sit astride while riding walk, trot, canter and jumping. The morning continues with the Field Hunter classes.

The last 2 classes are considered special to those who have attended the Hunter Trials for many years. The ‘Lead Line’ class has young riders (many of them still in pigtails) being lead on their horse and the ‘Family ‘Class’ where multiple members of the same family ride together and compete.

The afternoon is filled with the colorful riders of the ‘Qualified’ division where only members of MFHA sanctioned hunts can compete followed by the $1000 Jumper Derby ‘Gambler’s Choice’ as riders choose their own route over the field, gaining points for choosing difficult jumps and riding within the allotted time. 


Watch the spectacle of the Camargo Hunt Huntsman, on horseback and in traditional formal red coat, command with the horn more than a dozen obedient foxhounds at a full gallop around Clippinger Field, followed closely by the Hunt members. This is truly an event not to be missed. 

Tailgate Competition

‘Bring to Shares’ are a traditional way to end the hunting day. Everyone brings food and drink to share with the other members of the group. The Tailgate Competition, now an annual part of the hunter Trials, offers attendees a chance to provide the best offerings of culinary delights and beverages plus the ambience that surrounds it. Themed tents surround the field while local chefs and celebrities, comprising our judging team, visit each tent, tasting, drinking and enjoying the fun-filled atmosphere.  Past year’s categories included the Grand Prize, Best Overall, Best Bite, Most Innovative Presentation, Biggest Party, Best Entree, and of course, The Wild Card.


You don’t need a horse to experience the thrill of the chase, the camaraderie of the club, and the beauty of the land.

Social members have so many ways to be a part of the Camargo Hunt.