Andy was born and raised in England, an avid foxhunter, and his path lead him to become a professional Huntsman.  After England’s notorious hunting ban took hold of the English countryside Andy decided the time was right for a move.  He decamped from England and moved to Australia where he hunted the Barwon Hounds in Victoria State.  Following a few years in Australia Andy’s path brought him to the United States. After 34 years of hunting to hounds, 2011 found Andy in a new land where he was hired as huntsman of the Tennessee Valley Hunt.  It was at Tennessee Valley where Andy had the great fortune of meeting Erin Wakefield, now his wife of six years.  Together for the past few seasons Erin and Andy have been in Northern Virginia hunting with the inimitable Blue Ridge Hunt as first whip to Graham Buston.

Andy is only the seventh huntsman of the Camargo Hunt, which is amazing given our 93 years of tradition as a recognized hunt of the Masters of Fox Hounds of America. To say that this is a momentous occasion is an understatement.  Andy comes to Camargo with a passion for hunting, and  we all offer a warm welcome to Erin and Andy as they join our Camargo Hunt Family.