Picture this: The trees are vibrant red and yellow, the field is decorated with corn stalks, pumpkins and mums surrounding a variety of cross country jumps. Horse trailers, riders and their horses abound. The field is surrounded with enthusiastic tailgaters – culinary delights and decorations spill out the back of their vehicles. enjoy our VIP tent where all can see all the action while enjoying a light breakfast, followed by food and open bar around lunch time.  There is a display of vibrant blue, red, yellow, white and pink ribbons placed next to the softly patina-ed perpetual trophies, many dating back to the early days of the Hunter Trials. These are the “prizes” for the winners.

There are 2 horse show rings on the field. The Outside Course is where horses and riders jump logs, stone walls, and post and rail fences. There is even a class where riders have to open and close a gate while mounted as well as dismount and remount in the field. The “small” ring allows riders (many of them still in pigtails) to experience  the thrills of the glorious outdoor venue while jumping more traditional Hunter type jumps.

The highlight of the day is the “Parade of Hounds”. This is truly an event not to be missed. The Huntsman, dressed in a traditional formal “pink” coat, brings out the foxhounds. He gallops around the ring with the hounds in hot pursuit. He commands the hounds with his horn.  It is quite the experience to watch close to twenty hounds obey the call of the huntsman.  This is concluded by Hunt members, in their formal attire, (have you ever seen a foxhunt print?) following around the ring in the final circuit.

For those that prefer not to be quite so involved, you can buy a ticket to the VIP tent with all day food and bar available. Tickets can be purchased day of event. Pass includes admission ticket to the grounds and VIP tent, breakfast, lunch, and all- day open bar, private restrooms, ringside covered seating.

There is the opportunity to park “off the ropes” in parking areas and just meander all day and enjoy horses and people watching. Be sure to bring your chair. There will be at least one food truck or you can hang around one of the many parties and look hungry. You’ll probably be invited to join. It’s a very friendly crowd.

Admission to the all-day event is only $5 per PERSON