Any Full Member shall pay an initiation fee of $1000

Membership applicants shall pay their assessments and dues in full or in the approved timely payment plan before being accorded the privileges of membership.


The Hunt fiscal year is June 1 through May 31. A member’s class of membership will be determined by the member’s age on June 1 of each year.

The annual dues will be invoiced by the Treasurer on June 1 of each year. A new membership will be effective the first of the month following the application approval by the Board of Directors. Dues will be prorated based on the Hunt’s fiscal year.

FULL Member $1925

ASSOCIATE Member (Professional/2nd Hunt/Intermediate (<35 years old)  $910



Payments are due when billed; however quarterly and semi-annual payment plans are permitted. Quarterly partial payments are due 6/30, 9/1, 12/1 and 3/1, and semi-annual payments are due 6/30 and 12/1. If you are on a payment plan, it is your responsibility to make the required payments timely without notice.  If payments are in default, the member is subject to penalties imposed by the Board of Directors.


ALL RIDING MEMBERS who ride in Indian Hill must purchase an Indian Hill trail license each year from the Village administration office located at the corner of Shawnee Run and Drake Roads in Indian Hill. A day pass can be purchased on the morning of the Hunt through the Field Secretary if you do not have an annual pass. Visit https://indianhill.gov/recreation/bridle-trails/ for further information. Or click HERE to purchase a daily bridle pass

ALL RIDING MEMBERS who hunt in Kentucky must purchase a Kentucky Hunting license each year. A one-day license is available as well as an annual license.

The license can be purchased by going to HERE


The capping fee for guests, Social members, and Non-Resident members of The Camargo Hunt is $100.00 for adults and $25.00 for juniors under 25 years of age except for High Holy Days.

The capping fee shall be $150 for adults and $40 for juniors on High Holy Days which are marked and celebrated special occasions as designated by the Board of Directors (including, but not limited to: Opening Day/Labor Day, the Blessing of the Hounds, Thanksgiving Day, and the hunt preceding the Indian Hill Christmas Party).

A guest or Social member may hunt two days of the same Owen County weekend for a capping fee of $150, or just one day for $100 ($40/$25 for Juniors).

Guests may cap no more than three times per season, after which they are encouraged to consider membership.

Juniors who are members of Pony Club or 4-H may hunt four times for free in a season after their first cap of $25.