Hunter Trials were originally created to test the stamina, level headedness, and bravery of hunt horses and riders in an organized equestrian event designed to simulate the terrain and conditions found in the typical hunt field. Unlike stadium jumping shows, the addition of the “handy hunter” class tests the horse and rider’s ability to trot a log, open and close a gate while mounted, jump several fences, and for the rider to dismount and remount. The horse is judged on its manners, way of going, as well as its suitability as a field (fox) hunter.
In today’s Camargo Hunter Trials, now in it’s 80th year, the large “Outside” ring, where spectators line the ropes to enjoy the horse action, represents the traditional hunter trials. Horse and riders jump logs, stone walls, and post and rail fences ranging from 2’6″ to 3′ 6″. The “small” ring allows young riders to experience of the thrills of the glorious outdoor venue while jumping more traditional type jumps.
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