Indian Hill Jump Revitalization Project

A note from Morley:

Jump: before and after
A major glow-up!

Recently, some members of Indian Hill Equestrian Club and Camargo Hunt have been working to organize an update of many of the existing jumps on the bridle trail network. As many of you know, many of the existing jumps are in disrepair.

The Village of Indian Hill agreed to our concept, and we are off and running! We got our first jump done this week and wanted to share with you our plans. This will be strictly a volunteer process, both for installation as well as expenses.

Our goal has been to create jumps which are:

  • Natural materials in keeping with the beauty of the Green Areas.
  • Safe and inviting to our horses, designed and built by riders.
  • Durable and maintainable.
  • Maintain or expand bypass areas for non-jumpers and for maintenance equipment.

Not all riders or horses are jumpers and jumping on the trails is best viewed as a chance to practice what you have learned in an arena while working with a knowledgeable instructor.

What would we like from you?

  1. If you like to jump, go check out our first one and let us know how it rides. It is at the intersection of C9 and C9B just west of Clippinger Field. We welcome your input as we prepare to do more. The “high” side is about 2’6” and the low side is about 2’. The materials are new and bright and shiny so your horse may look closely the first time but with exposure to elements they will blend in soon.
  2. If you’d like to volunteer to help install more please send me a PM or call me. It is physically challenging work, such as digging post holes so keep that in mind. Our goal is to organize a small group of volunteers who learn the process and together we can get one a month or more done. Please remember this project does not at all reduce the need for all of us to volunteer for trail clearing. Trail clearing benefits all riders and allows us access to the jumps which a few may choose to utilize.
  3. Help sponsor a jump update. We selected very solid durable materials that should serve us for many years. The materials for this design cost about $300 per jump. We already have two sponsors for 6 jumps!
  4. Tell us which existing jumps you would like us to update soon. We want to concentrate our efforts where they will be most appreciated and enjoyed.

Thanks to Sharon Russell for her assistance installing the first one, and Kerry Daus, Pam Middendorf, Natalie Nesbitt and Pete McAdams for their assistance getting the program started.

I would hope that all hunt members who ride 1st field in Indian Hill will help support this program in some way.


You don’t need a horse to experience the thrill of the chase, the camaraderie of the club, and the beauty of the land.

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